Saturday, May 13, 2017

With Completion Of DAPL, North Dakota Experiencing A New Boom -- May 13, 2017

This is pretty cool -- new link near the top of the Drudge Report as seen in this screenshot:

The link takes you to this AP article: signs of oil bomlet in North Dakota after pipeline finished. Data points, following completion of DAPL:
  • 100s of more jobs than takers in North Dakota once again
  • finding a hotel room, parking space, or restaurant at a table is no longer easy
  • North Dakota: still the nation's #2 oil producer (behind Texas)
  • "pushed daily production back over 1 million bbls daily" (not quite accurate; North Dakota production was back over one million bbls well before the DAPL was completed, and most recent data suggests monthly production was down slightly month-over-month, though still over one million bbls daily)
  • DAPL still faces opposition from Native Americans who claim water rights across the universe
  • shippers can save about $3/bbl using the DAPL pipeline vs CBR
  • at capacity, DAPL has capacity to carry one-half of North Dakota's current production into the national pipeline system
Much, much more at the link, but nothing that hasn't been already said at the blog.

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