Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Bakken -- A Random Note On Reunion Bay -- May 13, 2017

Reunion Bay oil field is tracked here. Reunion Bay is one of the oil fields in the Bakken that has really been active the past few months. The other one is Sand Creek.

At the link, the production numbers and IPs have been updated. Note the number of DUCs that have been completed. In addition, note the huge number of new permits.

Most impressive, in the March, 2017, production data, it was noted that production in Reunion Bay increased over 23% despite adding no new wells. That's because all those DUCs were completed.

In addition, a lot of "inactive wells" -- wells taken off-line for some reason or other -- were placed back on status after neighboring wells were completed. Older wells near newer wells that are being fracked are generally taken off-line during the fracking process so that the older wells are not damaged.

In some fields, more than others, it is also noted that there is a significant increase in production in a Bakken well that has been taken off-line and then placed back on line after neighboring wells have been fracked.

In addition, some operators are re-fracking older wells around the same time they are fracking new wells in the same area. I haven't noticed this in Reunion Bay but I have not looked.

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