Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Energy And Market Page, T+62 -- March 23, 2017

Late-Morning Trading

After being down at the opening and flat most of the morning, all of a sudden the market is up 53 points. Is this the first indication that the US House might have the votes for the RyanTrumpHealthCareBill? Now up 67 points (10:15 a.m. Central Time).

WTI: about 25 cents below $48.

Original Post
Top story for the day: North Dakota continues to lead in honey production -- 13th consecutive year -- no contest, see chart below. Peak honey? What peak honey? Data points:
  • ND producers with five or more colonies made almost 38 million pounds, up 4% from previous year
  • 485,000 honey-producing colonies: average yield up four pounds to 78 pounds per colony
  • prices about the same: $1.73 (2016) vs $1.80 (2015)
Futures: holding steady despite incredible headwinds, including recent terrorist attack in Great Britain. In the "old" days these things really spooked traders.

Fargo-Moorhead population growth: continues to grow; closing in on 240,000.

Oil patch job fair: sounds like it was an overwhelming success.

Honey Production

By state, from Bee Culture, 2015 data: ND, SD, MT, FL, MN, CA. 

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