Friday, March 10, 2017

Jobs -- Trump's First Full Month -- Smashing Success -- Bloomberg -- March 10, 2017

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  • participation rate: increased 63%; highest since last March -- smashing success (this statistic was buried near the end of the article -- I guess there was just too much good news to get into the lede)
  • "the number of people out of work, a figure repeatedly highlighted by Trump as a sign of economic malaise, fell by 176,000" -- Bloomberg  
  • payrolls gain 235,000 (forecast for 190,000) -- smashing success
  • average hourly earnings increased almost 3% -- smashing success
  • jobless rates ticks down to 4.7% -- smashing success
  • the 235,000 increase followed a 238,000 rise in January -- smashing success
  • numbers coincide with surge in economic optimism -- smashing success
  • closer and closer to full employment, Moody's -- yes, smashing success
  • private employment; biggest gain since July, 2016 -- again, smashing success
  • construction jobs rose by 58,000, the strongest in almost a decade, that would be the entire Obama administration, a trillion dollars in stimulus, and another ten trillion dollars in debt
  • manufacturing payrolls gained 28,000, the most since August, 2013, which was the second Obama term
  • retail positions fell by 26,000 -- tectonic changes in the way Americans shop
  • global warming had much to do with this -- I can't make this stuff up - that's what Bloomberg says
Analysts said this won't last.
The Bull Market

Previously posted:
The bull market, in four data points:
  • the market low was in early 2009 just after Barack Obama takes office
  • four years later, in 2013, the S&P is back to where it was when George Bush left office
  • by 2016, three years later, the S&P rose 13%; most of it coming in the last year when we finally had hope and change -- President Obama was on his way out
  • between November 2016 and today, about four months, the S&P has surged 31%
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