Friday, March 10, 2017

Another One Bites The Dust -- March 10, 2017

I may have to start a whole new page: "Another One Bites The Dust." Two stories in a row, sent in by different readers and we're only into day 49 of President Trump's administration.

From The [London] Guardian: Climate Institute to shut down, citing lack of funds for independent research. Chairman says cost of inaction on climate change is clear and issue shouldn’t be used to fight "political and ideological battles."

I'm not sure why "the world" would even need a "climate institute." The science is settled:
  • the world is undergoing climate change (as usual)
  • the world is facing another round of global warming (the sixth known "round" of global warming; this is the first one to occur during modern times)
  • humans are respiring, pushing more and more CO2 into the atmosphere
  • Venus has a lot of CO2 in its atmosphere and look what happened to that planet
  • it looks like earth doesn't need a "climate institute," Venus does
  • we need to send Tom Steyer, Algore, Michael Moore, George Soros, BO, HRC, and about 6,000 others to Venus to "fix" that planet
Data points from the article:
  • Australian
  • founded in 2005
  • twelve years of "independent advocacy and research" 
  • proud of its achievements
  • Australia prospering in a zero-carbon global economy -- say what?
Australia is facing an energy crisis brought on by that country going "all-green" (actually 40%); Elon Musk says he can fix Australia's "green problem" in 100 days. Previously reported.

Oh, no! The institute's CEO is moving to Fiji to host the 23rd UN convention on climate change.

Please, Mr Trump, do not go.

Olivia On Her Way To Tutor Time

She will be three years old this summer. On her way to Tutor Time this morning:

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