Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Trivia On Naming Burlington Resources Wells; Why I Love To Blog

Way back on February 27, 2011, I noted that BR named one of their wells "Midnight Horse." The well would sit among Midnight Run and Iron Horse wells. The combination name suggested that Midnight Horse wells would fill in along the section lines between the Midnight Run and the Iron Horse wells.

Here is what I wrote more than two years ago (note that I predicted 2560-acre spacing -- wahoo):
24537, 2,842, BR, Midnight Horse 11-1MBH-ULW, Union Center, this section now has eight (8) wells sites or permits; I think this is a well on an overlapping 2560-acre spacing unit, so it can run right down the section line; watch to see if it's a 4-section spacing well; the name is interesting: Midnight Horse, a combination of "Midnight Run" and "Iron Horse"; 4-section spacing; t5/13; cum 14K 5/13;
Exactly as predicted two years ago. That's how long ago operators were moving to 2560-acre spacing. 

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