Saturday, June 22, 2013

750-Home Subdivision; Another Subdivision For Retirees Planned For Epping, North Dakota, Northeast of Williston; Complaint: "We're Building Too Many High-Rise Buildings In Williston"

The Williston Herald is reporting.

First subdivision:
In the 2010 Census, only 100 people lived in Epping, but if two developers have their way that will change soon.
During the Williams County Planning and Zoning Commission meeting Thursday, commissioners heard from two developers who hope to build near Epping. Gary Dixon from Nordak submitted a final plat for a development that could include up to 750 homes.
The plan calls for a subdivision that will be built in four phases, and the Army Corps of Engineers has already approved the first three. Dixon explained that since the development is so close to the water, he needed approval from the corps before moving forward.
Second subdivision:
Joe LaFave also discussed a development he hopes to build near Epping. While his plans are in the early stage, LaFave asked to talk to the commission to avoid any pitfalls in the future.
“Looking at the development I’ve seen go up in Williston, we’re not attracting retirees to stay here, we’re not allowing the farmers and ranchers to sell their place and go fishing,” LaFave said. “We’re building a lot of high-density things, high-rise apartment buildings.”
LaFave said his development would provide homes on large lots near the Epping-Springbrook Dam.
For those who have not been to Williston, high-rise means three stories. A skyscraper is four stories and a dish antenna.

Aerial photos: at this link, there are three photographs of the intersection of the Truck Reliever Route (the bypass) north of Williston where it intersects US Highway 2 & 85 north of Williston, I believe the "old" 9-mile corner. Look at the third of the three photographs, the bottom photograph. Look at the upper right-hand corner where the county road curves to the right -- looking as far to the edge of that photo would lead one into Epping. One can see why Epping is a "hot" spot for building right now.

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