Friday, January 18, 2013

Ten Wells To Be Sited in Section 3-152-94, Antelope Field


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With four more permits issued to CLR for section 3-152-94, Antelope Field, there will be ten (10) permits in that section. Currently, all long laterals:
  • 18909, 674, CLR, Rollesfstad 2-3H, Antelope; t8/12; cum 163K 11/12; F;
  • 18159, 754, CLR, Rollefstad 1-3H, Antelope; t9/09; cum 324K 11/12; F;
  • 20674, 843, CLR, Rollefstad 3-3H, Antelope; t6/12; cum 105K 11/12; F;
  • 24722, conf, CLR, Rollefstad Federal 6-3H-2; Antelope;
  • 24723, conf, CLR, Rollefstad Federal 5-3H-3; Antelope;
  • 24724, conf, CLR, Rollefstad Federal 4-3H-2; Antelope;
The new permits in this section:
  • 24799, conf, CLR, Rollefstad Federal 7-3H-1; Antelope;
  • 24800, conf, CLR, Rollefstad Federal 8-3H-3; Antelope;
  • 24801, conf, CLR, Rollefstad Federal 9-3H; Antelope;
  • 24802, conf, CLR, Rollefstad Federal 10-3H-2; Antelope;
  • #18159, tested back in late 2009, is still producing 9,000 bbls of oil monthly; it is hooked up to a natural gas pipeline but some natural gas is still being flared
  • #18159, the oldest of the three active wells, spud back in 2009, is still flowing without a pump (according to NDIC; it should be noted that paperwork documenting a well can be delayed for quite some time according to unofficial sources; I don't know how accurate that is)
  • once these wells are drilled and come off the confidential list, the names of these wells will make sense 

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