Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Southwestern North Dakota OIil Patch Development -- New Airport for Bowman


August 17, 2012: they got the money, and earth is starting to be moved. Soon federal money will be flowing -- whoopee and Bowman will have a new airport. And, get this:
Bowman airport manager Brent Kline says the new facility will have a longer runway to handle private jet traffic from oil companies.
For the CEOs of Whiting, CLR, and CHK, I suppose, to use.  The runway is probably not big enough for Air Force One, precluding a visit by the president pointing out that "North Dakotans did not build that airport."

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At a Tuesday morning meeting at the Bowman County Courthouse, the Bowman County Airport Authority accepted a bid of just short of $3 million to start the dirt work to replace Bowman Municipal Airport.

Once the dirt work is completed, more bids will go out for the rest of the project, which is estimated to cost $10 million to $12 million, paid for mostly by the Federal Aviation Administration.
I get a few notes from Chester periodically complaining about all the federal money that goes to North Dakotas -- whoopee -- and this, too, should generate some mail.

To make it easier for Chester: population of Bowman, North Dakota, was about 1,650 in the 2010 census. 


  1. i personally know some of the people who work on this Bowman Airport project.. The reason this grant and A lot of the other federal grants/moneys come to ND is because the Goverment workers here fill out the Grant applications.. maybe the workers in other area's are not so punctual in getting the grant applications out on time..

    1. Yes, there is a lot to be said for filling out paperwork.

      The same goes for farm subsidies/farm insurance. The forms are somewhat difficult to understand, and they can be a lot of work, and a nuisance, but it is well worth it to fill out these forms.