Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to FInd Fracking Information at the NDIC Website -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

A reader asked how to find the frack information for a specific well at the NDIC website.


Go to NDIC web site.
Click on "Basic Services" on the menu on left sidebar.

Enter password. Basic services subscription costs $50/year and is well worth it.

Enter a file number. For this example, I typed in "20335." You will see why I picked this one.

When the well file comes up, click on "Get This Well File" on the left hand menu. It may take awhile for the PDF to download.

Normally, you are not so lucky to get the "Well Completion Report" right at the top. It's often buried under the first five or six sheets, but you get good scrolling through those sheets to find the "Well Completion Report."

But in this case, the report was the first thing to show up (which, as noted, is very rare).

The first page will show IP at the bottom; the second page will show the formation depths and the target; and the third page, at the top, is the frack information, in this case, 38 stages and 4 million pounds of sand.
Another example: 20538. In this case, the fracking information is about five pages down, but it's there.

In some cases, you have to scroll to the bottom to find the information. In some cases, I can't find the information no matter how hard I look.

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