Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Huge Kalil Well -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA

8:32AM U.S. Energy provides operational update; announces initial production rate of 1,869 BOE/D from the Kalil 25-36 #2H well (USEG) 3.37 : The Kalil 25-36 #2H (infill) well was completed with 36 fracture stimulation stages and had an early 24-hour flow back rate of 1,869 BOE/D, which consisted of ~1,654 barrels of oil and 1,287 MCF of natural gas. The co has an ~ 27% working interest and a 21% net revenue interest in this well. The Lloyd 34-3 #2H (infill) well has been fracture stimulated with 38 stages and the operator is currently drilling out the plugs, which is the final step in turning the well over to production. Initial flow back rates are expected this week. The co has an ~14% WI and an 11% NRI in this well. This well is an offset to the co's best well to date in the Rough Rider program. The Lloyd 34-3 #1H well had an early 24 hour flow back rate of 4,030 BOE/D.

This was reported nationally at Yahoo!Financial In-Play on January 31, 2012.

Now we can slow down development in the Bakken until we resolve the food shortage problem in Williston.

Huge well. Just one of several. It's an infill well meaning it's surrounded by others.

As I've posted often: those who have their wells want things to slow down. Those who do not yet have their wells want things to hurry up.


  1. Talk about awsome wells. Check out the Whitman 2-34H on an eco pad in Dunn County. After 4 months total production 159,474 barrels. December was 50,000 barrels, more than 10,000 barrels better than the previous month.

    1. Wow, you are correct. That's file number 20210.

  2. That's for sure regarding oil wells and owners of royalties. Everyone is in such a rush and need these days is great! As one can see many out of work these days and to much extra stress to boot! People going to Bakken, from all over the country. Desperate to make it happen! Not easy for so many American families!