Saturday, April 13, 2013

Week 15: April 7, 2013 -- April 13, 2013

The Big Picture
Random update of the three basins: Permian Basin, Western Gulf Basin, and the Williston Basin
Random data points on the oil industry

CBR vs pipeline: for Enbridge, it's worse than one thinks
CBR expansion at New Town planned
CNP contracts with XOM-subsidiary XTO to build crude oil pipeline; also reported here

OXY USA may hold record for one of the lowest-reported Bakken IPs (23)
CLR to provide additional oil to Delaware City Refinery

Not a significant factor in causing earthquakes; if anything, gradually releases the pent-up stress/energy
"Fracking Sand 101" in La Crosse, Wisconsin
Produced water

Economic notes
Developers propose new city at 13-mile corner: "Bakken Village": that area is already more populated than 90% of most urban centers in North Dakota
ONEOK announces completion of projects ... and announces more projects
Bobcat, bigger than ever, back in Bismarck
Feel-good story on the refinery story in North Dakota

WPX has big natural gas well in the Niobrara; and that's the problem -- natural gas
A little perspective: the myth of US independence
Bonanza Creek discusses the Wattenberg Field, Niobrara Shale, Denver Basin
Norway misses oil output targets; previously reported -- Statoil's concerns re: new fields
Some people actually suggest the boom may end some day
Saudi Arabia and the "Red Queen"
Natural gas flared from one huge well in North Dakota

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