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Random Look At Two Wells Coming Off Confidential List Today -- June 11, 2019

Note: in a long note like this there will be typographical and factual errors. I do this for my benefit to "get a feel" for the Bakken. If this is important to you, go to the source.

The two wells coming off the confidential list today.

For newbies: I remember when I first started blogging about the Bakken back in 2007. It was taking upwards of 60 days to drill a Bakken short lateral from spud to total depth. It was quite a milestone when they dropped that to 45 days. During the early days of the boom they also took up to a week to move a rig from one site to the next site.

Now, with pad drilling and "walking rigs" they move a rig 50 feet in less than a day to drill the next well. They are now drilling a long lateral in less than fourteen days on a regular basis, and some are doing it in nine days or less. It depends a lot on total depth, of course, which can vary significantly.

But as a soundbite, five days to drill to vertical depth, a day to build the curve, and then five days to drill the lateral. My hunch is that the CEO expects the wellbore to be in the target zone at least 94% of the time; if not, there are probably lessons to be learned.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019: these two wells came off the confidential list --
  • 34692, 1,553,  CLR, Springfield 4-8H, Brooklyn, t3/19; cum 46K 4/19;
  • 34089, 532, Oasis, Aagvik 5298 13-26 11B, Banks, t1/19; cum 123K 4/19;
The CLR well in the Brooklyn oil field:
  • 34692, 1,553,  CLR, Springfield 4-8H, Brooklyn, t3/19; cum 46K 4/19; 
    • TD: 21,437 feet
    • date stimulated: 9/24/2018
      • 58 stages
      • 10.112 million lbs (sand frac)
    • spud: 6/29/2018
    • TD date: 8/3/2018
    • upper Bakken: 10,909 feet
    • middle Bakken: 10,927 feet (the upper Bakken appeared to be 18 feet thick)
    • gas shows peaked at 2,335 units; average 1,227 in the lateral)
      • drill out surface hole: 22:56, 6/29/2018
      • start build section: 7:38, 7/3/2018;
      • land curve: 6:50 hours, 7/4/2018; casing; pause rig
      • drill out of casing, drill lateral: 5:00 hours, 7/31/2018
      • drill lateral: 5:00 hours, 8/1/2018
      • run liner, cement job, tool out of hole for rig move; pause rig: 5:00 hours, 8/4/2018
    • so, about 4-1-4
    • "The well was drilled from spud to total depth in 11 days of which 3 days were spent drilling the lateral portion."
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The Oasis well in the Banks oil field:
  • 34089, 532, Oasis, Aagvik 5298 13-26 11B, Banks, t1/19; cum 123K 4/19; data points:
    • TD: 21,014 feet
    • date stimulated: 10/06/2018
      • 50 stages
      • 5.975 million lbs (mesh, 40/70, and 40/60 CRC)
    • 11 miles north of of Watford City
    • second well drilled on the six-well Aagvik/Nelson 5298 13-26 pad
    • 1280-acre spacing
    • middle Bakken
    • re-entered April 30, 2018, and reached TD on May 9, 2018 (total drilling time: 11 days; lateral drilled in 4 of those days)
    • upper Bakken shale: 10,959 feet TVD; gas shows ranged from 3,000 units to 3,720 units
    • middle Bakken member: 10,977 feet TVD (note how thin the upper shale member is -- 18 feet?)
    • subject target was 20 feet thick, beginning 12' below the upper Bakken and extending to 11' above the lower Bakken shale
    • lateral: the wellbore was exposed to the entire target zone
    • an overall formation dip of approximately 0.04 degrees
    • the lateral was "drilled in about four days from casing exit to total depth with three lateral assemblies
    • wellbore was completed 100% within target, opening 9,675 feet
    • background gases in the lateral ranged from 200 units to 3,700 units; two trips in the lateral, resulting in a 5 - 12' flare
    • "The wells should be regarded as an engineering and geological success based on the combination of:
      • maximum exposure to target
      • minimal days from spud to total depth
      • no shale strikes or near misses
      • no sidetracks were necessary 
If you want to see what happens with a shale strike, see this post (and search for "strike"). 

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