Saturday, October 13, 2018

Saturday, October 13, 2018, The Conspiracy Page -- T+60

There will be floods. Flash floods. Huge deluge in north Texas today. Huge. Bigley.

Two questions not being asked. The first is another question. For two days now I've heard all about this "journalist" murder in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. What question is not being asked? That question and that obvious answer is a much, much bigger story than the press is reporting on. The murder itself: more than three arms' lengths from MBS.

Arms' lengths? When I heard folks trying to link MBS with a murder,  my first thought: Vince Foster. Good luck connecting the dots.

The second question: why did Sir Saint Obama not weigh in on Brett? Why did the former president not kick him when he was down? The answer is in Obama's own book. Chillin'.

Tinker, tailor. By the way, back to that first question. If you want to see the video of the murder see this movie.

Jamal Khashoggi: see this movie -- "The Usual Suspects."  Keyser Söze.

Interesting, huh? The New York Times. The dots keep connecting.

Profiles in courage: the next edition (and there will be another edition) needs another chapter -- Susan Collins.

Speaking of which: the confirmation was this close -- had Susan Collins voted "no," the senator from Alaska would have voted "no." No question. That would have been 50 "no" votes. The senator who did not vote because he was at his daughter's wedding would have flown back to vote "yes." That would have made it "50-50" requiring a tie-breaking vote from the VP. But, if Susan Collins and "Ms Alaska" had voted "no," one could reasonably argue that a flake would have also voted "no."  The confirmation vote was closer than anyone realized. Until Ms Collins had lunch with Mitch.

Bob Corker. Nikki Haley. We have probably not heard the last of either of them. Add Kelly Craft to the list.

Speaking of Kelly, back to the confirmation hearing. My hunch: Kellyanne Conway may have been more involved than we will ever know. Not directly but in providing strategy to a tweet-loose president.

Apple Phone series 3 or 4: if going to your own murder, wear and transmit.

Re-write: the following is a re-write of a paragraph written by a NY Times writer regarding a different story. I have substituted names and events in the original. This is all made up; this is fiction, but it helps prove a point.
Mr. Mueller noted in various memos that he personally believed that there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians — “my thoughts, not the Office’s position,” he clarified at one point.
But he did not file away the harebrained theories; instead, he apparently felt obligated to address the conspiracy-mongers’ already disproved fantasies. And for nearly three years at a cost of $2 million he aggressively followed up. He investigated the dossier, down to examining the sheets in the Russian hotel. He meticulously examined Trump's tax filings, old and new. (By now, most of those tax filings were well beyond the statute of limitations.) He sent investigators in search of follicle specimens from any number of female escorts. (“We have a sample of --------’s hair,” one agent working for Mr. Mueller reported in triumph.) 
Rush Limbaugh. Sociologist. Keen observer of human behavior. I now understand why a charge of hypocrisy does not work as a form of persuasion. If Scott Adams has addressed that, I missed it.

Bakken images: link here

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