Saturday, June 19, 2021

Notes From All Over -- Is The Dickinson Meridian Davis Refinery Dead? - Early Saturday Afternoon, Part 2 -- Juneteenth, 2021

Back with a vengeance: US crude oil exports surge / bounce back / now above three million b/d.

  • number to follow, for US exports, crude oil: three million bbls
  • most recent data: April, 2021
  • destinations:
  • the Netherlands, #1; where all the refineries are; they are optimized for Brent:
  • FoB WTI hit an 18-month high against Ice Brent; quick link here;
  • remember: a lot of WTI is blended with Brent;
  • India, #2
  • full Argus Media article here;

Top three ArgusMedia stories today, link here (this is likely to be a dynamic link)

  • Vitol sees 2021 oil at $70 - $80/bbl;
  • Argentina shale oil beckons
  • Johan Sverdrup: potential benchmark savior;

But, is the story of the day? Is the Meridian Davis refinery dead? If so, died from a thousand cuts? Regulators give the developers three more months to begin construction ... otherwise, sayonara. Link here.  Also, here, no paywall.

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