Thursday, May 6, 2021

Social Media On Oasis -- May 6, 2021

Link here.

Others agree that Oasis way overpaid last year.

From the link above:

OAS is paying about $200 million less to add about 5x the acres, in a known basis, and 7.7x the boepd when compared to their 2017 entrance into the Permian Basin via Forge.

I said the exact thing, qualitatively, not quantitatively, when I talked about Oasis entering the Permian a few years ago ... and then declared bankruptcy. What a great business model.

Now, this new purchase, all with debt (?). 

What a great country. 


Now that my wife has Hulu I'm getting a kick out of watching CNBC again.

By an metric, higher earners are going to be subject to a whole more in taxes (whether they pay or not is another question). Had Trump done this, this would have been a never-ending story on CBNC how Trump is killing the American entrepreneurial spirit. 

With Biden, it's all good. 

Me? What me, worry? The market is on a tear and all indications: it's only going to get better, led by energy.

What I like best about Hulu? So incredibly easy to use. Spectrum was incredibly "bad." 

Basic cable / wi-fi service is still somewhat limited in choice, but once you have cable / wi-fi, the "world is yours," as they say. My hunch Hulu and YouTube are going to be the winners in the medium term (three to five years out). Long term, greater than five years, impossible to say. So much will change over the next three years. 

Later, about an hour after posting the above: CNBC announces that ROKU is having a bad day; dropping almost 7% over worries that it won't be able to attract more subscribers.


Lots of talk about inflation the past few weeks. 

I think one needs to look at the "entire" picture, not just looking at individual examples.

Exhibit A: mailing costs.

  • First class mail: has gotten very expensive to mail a one-ounce letter. But I seldom mail a one-ounce letter any more. Anything to be sent weighing one ounce or less can generally be sent by e-mail. 
  • Packages: 99%+ of all things I order over the net? Free mailing. Exceptions: specialty items like frozen steaks. But one can wait for "deals" in which shipping fees are waived. And when I buy gifts for folks living out of town, I ship them directly with free shipping.

Exhibit B: Starbucks coffee.

  • At the restaurant: upwards of $4.00.
  • At home in a Keurig: about 50 cents a cup and one can generally get a second cup from a Keurig cup, effectively cutting the cost to twenty-five cents/cup.

Exhibit C: Dinner at fancy restaurant for two.

  • At the restaurant: $100 and up for middle-income couple.
  • Answer: hey, learn to grill on a Weber. Maybe $30 total and a whole lot more fun.

Exhibit D: homeowners.

  • Property taxes are increasing, but ...
  • Interest rates are dropping ... hey, re-finance and the world is your oyster, a phrase coined by who else, but Shakespeare.

Exhibit E: renters.

  • Downsize if necessary. Do you really need a three-bedroom apartment if your children have moved out?

Exhibit F: computers.

  • Prices on computers have plunged over the years when capability vs dollars is analyzed. 

Exhibit G: automobiles.

  • If you are not getting ten years out of your automobile, you are not doing it right.

Exhibit H: roses.

  • I remember living in California forty-five years ago and stopping at the corner florist to buy roses for the love of my life. I forget the price but I assume around $10. That was forty-five years ago. Yesterday Sophia bought a dozen incredibly beautiful "Freedom" roses for her mother. Price: $9.99. 

Exhibit I: paper.

  • When I was in elementary school, it was amazing how much paper I used, and how much paper all of the students used. Today, the students use dry erase boards. Who wudda thought. After initial outlay for a couple of bucks, no more money spent on paper. Period. Dot. 

Exhibit J: gasoline.

  • Compare with mileage and requirements to drive. My only driving these days? Chauffeuring the granddaughters, and any other stops I need (grocery, post office, etc), I combine with thee chauffeuring trips. I stop at the service station maybe once every two weeks. A "fill-up" used to cost about $18. Now about $22. And I bet I could reduce that if I wanted.


  1. using a K cup twice. More thrifty than me.....

    1. Well, that second cup may seem a bit weaker but my mother did the "same" thing decades ago -- even though not a Keurig.

    2. I'm not implying everything is "perfect," but there are compromises that we all need to consider if inflation is an issue. There are some places where compromising may not be recommended, e.g., toilet paper.

  2. I don't worry much about toilet paper, have bidets. But the fuel tanks on vehicles and RV will be full.