Sunday, February 2, 2020

More Evidence That The US Is The New "Swing Producer" -- February 2, 2020

Belarus: US can supply Belarus with 100% of its demand fro oil, gas -- at half the price the Russians would sell it for them. No link. Google it. Russia cut off oil and gas supplies to Belarus on December 31, 2019.
US SecState is in Belarus negotiating deals as we speak, as they say.

A reader provides this comment in reply:
Belarus is a landlocked country, so curious how we are going to get them LNG (or oil for that matter). Pipe it through Lithuania? Is there even good connectivity?

For that matter, oil is world priced and very fungible. And there's a cheap spot market for gas in Europe as well. Issues are not the commodity itself coming from us (versus the world spot market), but connectivity. If the only supply pipes are from Russia, then that's the problem.

Honestly, these articles that say "America will supply the gas" are very silly. And no, we can't supply it for half of spot price.
My reply:
Poland and the US have a very, very close relationship. And, then, of course, there's the Ukraine. Lots of options.

The bottom line is that the US is working with Belarus to help solve their problem.
Politics: remember all that hysteria just a few weeks ago that "Pompeo" was on the "outs" with President Trump? Must have been more fake news. It seems journalists in general have become nothing but bloggers, with trivial understanding of politics at the "presidential" level. Remember that article that one of Trump's former chiefs of staff was eager to testify at the impeachment trail?


  1. Do we have the pipes to get it there?

    And if they have pipes through other countries. than why do they need US in particular? We would just sell at spot. They can buy at spot.

    I suspect you are also ignoring the cost of liquefaction.