Friday, July 28, 2017

Pronghorn And Tyler Re-Examined, Updated -- GEO News -- July 28, 2017

The two links below will most likely result in a PDF opening on your desktop. Authors of the two articles, respectively: Timothy O. Nesheim and Julie A LeFever.

The Tyler, from GEO News, July, 2017. Review Of The 1st Unconventional Testing of the Prospective Tyler Formation, Southwestern North Dakota. This link will open a PDF on your desktop:

The Pronghorn, from GEO News, July 20, 2017. Ichnology Applied to the Pronghorn Member, Bakken Formation (Mississippian-Devonian). This link will open a PDF on your desktop:

I'll come back to these later, but there is a "bombshell" with regard to the Tyler ... at least from my perspective. 


  1. Whats the Bombshell? The cheaper drilling expenses or time-frame? Dry frac?

  2. Concluding remarks, page 19, #4. Yes, the requirement for a non-dry solution may explain results of the early Tyler wells. Diesel is banned in ND, I believe, for fracking.