Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Update On Natural Gas Processing Plants In North Dakota; Three Coming On Line By End Of 2016 -- October 4, 2016

Most recent update I could find on North Dakota natural gas processing plants coming on line by the end of the year (2016), from Big Sky Business Journal, data points, August 9, 2016 (note: there may be some errors in volume; the original story may have had some typos and I'm not sure I made the right corrections; if you note errors, send me the right numbers):
  • three natural gas plants in ND are expected to come on line by the end of the year
  • will add 180 MMcfpd to overall processing in ND (180 million cubic feet per day)
  • currently 27 plants in operation; processing 2,015 MMcf a day (2 thousand million cubic feet per day)
The three new plants. The one near Tioga is the latest. I drove by it last week. 
  • Williams County
    • Tioga, five miles northwest of Tioga
    • $3 million
    • Liberty Resources of Denver
    • 20 million cubic feet per day
  • Bear Creek -- completed in August, 2016; see Dickinson Press story dated October 13, 2016
    • Dunn County
    • ONEOK Partners
    • 80 million cubic feet
    • $265 million to $375 million
  • Oasis Petroleum: Wild Basin, McKenzie County 
    • $160 million
    • 80 million cubic feet
  • Currently, the state captures 89% of natural gas; the goal was 85%
  • ONEOK Partners posted a $253 million profit in natural gas in May, 2016 -- a 74% increase over the previous year
A North Dakota database of natural gas processing plants is at this link but I'm not sure it is up to date. I did not see the Liberty Resources plant, unless I missed it.

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