Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cattle Trivia -- December 3, 2015

Yesterday it was noted CLR canceled the Buelingo permits.

According to wiki:
The BueLingo breed of beef cattle was developed in Ransom County, North Dakota, on the Bueling Ranch, by Russell Bueling and R. B. Danielson of the Animal Science Department of the North Dakota State University at Fargo. It is similar in appearance to the Dutch Belted breed of dairy cattle. BueLingo cattle usually have a white belt around the stomach area.
See this post for more. And also this post.

Buelingo Livestock Auction
Note the graphics on the sweatshirts. Too cool.

I remember my dad taking me to a livestock auction just west of Williston (now inside city limits) when I was probably about ten years old. I don't think I understood what was going on. Raymond Lee was one of the area auctioneers I knew very, very well as a family friend; I don't recall if he was the auctioneer at the auction my dad took me to.

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