Friday, March 28, 2014

Random Note On Oasis Permit Inadvertently Omitted From Recent Daily Activity Report


April 4, 2014: see comments below. The "Pow" wells are for monitoring; they will not be producing wells. 
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In the March 27, 2014, file #28007 was overlooked. This is #28007:
  • 28007, conf, Oasis, Straw Pow 5602 42-17, Bull Butte, 
I wouldn't have made a big deal of this except to note that a) this permit has no "H" designation" and b) based on siting of other wells in this oil fields, this permit is for a well in an unusual location if targeting the Bakken/Three Forks.

Note also this "Pow" well, reported January 25, 2014:
  • 25763, drl, Oasis, Cornette Pow 5300 34-26, Willow Creek, no production data,
Oasis is known to be interested in testing the Lodgepole in this area.

From the well file of #19131, a Bakken horizontal in this same section:
The Lodgepole Formation top was drilled at 9,742 feet TVD. Approximately 581 feet (true vertical thickness) of argillaceous, skeletal lime mudstone were drilled in the Lodgepole Formation. Oil and gas shows were absent while drilling in the upper Lodgepole despite known fracture zones in the upper Lodgepole locally and no visible porosity was observed in samples. Fracture porosity is inferred near the base of the formation, and a 1,245 unit gas show along with a second, highter 1,673 unit recorded gas show were attributed to sourcing by fractures within the lower Lodgepole Formation.
It should be noted that some vertical wells in the Bakken are monitoring wells. 


  1. Bruce didn't know were this would best fit. I have been following the tyler formation to see how it may develop. As we both know the southern portion is being tested by marathon and we wait for news concerning its viability. This case by SM seems to be the start of the Northern portion tests. It is in the area of some good madison wells. I suspect the words "other formations" in the Marathon presentation will become "Tyler" in the coming presentations. Although we almost have a trillion barrel reservoir in the bakken threeforks I think we can safely say we have a trillion + barrel basin perhaps even two or three when all the math is considered.

    Case No. 22086: Application of SM Energy Co. for an order allowing the Grassy Butte 21X-
    21F well, located approximately 837 feet from the north line and 2140 feet
    from the west line of Section 21, T.146N., R.99W., McKenzie County, ND,
    to be completed in and produce from the Tyler Pool as an exception to the
    requirements of NDAC § 43-02-03-18, or granting such other relief as may
    be appropriate

    1. Thank you for taking time to comment. I also noted that SM Energy/Tyler case -- I would have missed that had I not gone through the dockets case by case. But I missed what you saw: "other formations." Thank you. Much appreciated.

  2. The Cornette Pow is a stratographic well. According to the well report " Cornette Pow 5300 34-26 is a stratigraphic test well drilled in the Indian Hills field of Williams County. The purpose of this
    well is to observe and monitor the pressure gradient during frac jobs; therefore, the Cornette Pow
    5300 34-26 is strictly for scientific purposes and has no intentions for production. The wells that
    will be observed under this scientific experiment are as follows: Oreo 530 24-25T [SE NE Sec.
    25, T153N, R100W], Cookie Federal 5300 24-25B [SE NE Sec. 25, T153N, R100W], Ordean,
    Neva Federal 5300 14-25T [NE NE Sec. 25, T153N, R100W] and Nellie John 5300 14-25T [NE
    NE Sec. 25, T153N, R100W]. All of these wells are located 2 miles East of the Cornette Pow
    5300 34-26 site."

    1. Thank you. Very much appreciated. I was thinking along that line, and then forgot all about it. I was thinking of the "M" designation used by EOG for monitoring wells.

      My initial thought -- as noted above -- was testing / drilling the Lodgepole. I was wrong. Monitoring. Important for a number of reasons. Again, thank you.