Friday, May 7, 2021

Notes From All Over, Part 3 -- The "Markets Soar" Edition -- May 7, 2021

After this note, off the net for awhile. 

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NOG: up 9% so far today; up $1.40/share; now trading at $16.62.

US equity markets: will three major US equity market indices hit all-time intra-day highs today? I've lost the bubble on the NASDAQ -- it's probably still significantly lower to recent sell-off but mainstream media is reporting that the S&P 500 already hit a record high "as tech shares jump after jobs report miss."

Comment: I always get a kick out of the market on the days "jobs" are reported. Regardless of the report, one hour after the report all is forgotten and the market moves on other news -- usually on something a politician or a former Fed president says.

EOG, headlines today (link is dynamic):

  • EOG up over 5% today; up over $4/share; trading over $81;
  • beats on 1Q21 earnings estimates;
  • beats on 1Q21 revenue estimates;
  • top oil stocks to watch in US shale as profits return amid rising crude demand;
  • EOG Resources first-quarter profit surges as crude prices rebound;
  • EOG reports excellent first quarter 2021 results; declares $1.00 per share special dividend;
  • EOG is up 7.6% today; up $5.87/share; trading at $82.85

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