Sunday, January 8, 2017

Fiat Chrysler Announcement: $1 Billion Investment; 2,000 New Jobs -- January 8, 2017

It looks like Mexico is going to keep losing US dollars/investments if it doesn't work with PEOTUS on immigration issues and the "wall." If Obama had his war on coal, it clearly appears that Trump has his war on Mexico.

Not even sworn in as president yet. From
  • FiatChrysler will spend $1 billion in US manufacturing
  • will modernize plants in Michigan and Ohio
  • will add 2,000 new jobs
  • the plant in Warren, MI, will be modernized to produce a pickup truck currently built in Mexico
    • the new Jeep Wagoneer 
    • the Grand Wagoneer large SUVs
  • a Toledo, OH, plant will get new equipment to make new Jeep pickup
More specifics here:
  • Fiat Chrysler will add three new Jeeps to its lineup
    • including a pickup
    • also, the new Jeep Wagoneer; and,
    • the new Grand Wagoner
  • all large SUVs 
CNBC, tomorrow, will repeat the meme: these "onesies and twosies" don't mean a thing; Trump needs policy changes to bring on millions of jobs, not hundreds of jobs at any one time.

Okay, so how about this: a huge US Navy ship modernization program? Yup, it's going to be huge, and New England is going to love it. This is being reported everywhere, but the link to NavyTimes seems most appropriate:
  • Donald Trump has pledged the biggest US Navy build-up since the Reagan administration
  • it will cost less than Obama's stimulus program
  • it will cost less than ObamaCare
  • today's US Navy battle force: 272 ships
  • US Navy wants about 305 ships
  • Trump wants to build a 350-ship fleet that Republican defense hawks have long wanted
  • would restore US Navy to a size it hasn't seen since 1998
  • options:
  • $10 billion Ford-class carriers
  • $3 billion Virginia-class attack submarines (which already includes the USS North Dakota); see below
  • $500 million littoral (brown water) combat ships
From the article:
To get there the Navy would need to start building three Virginia-class attack submarines per year and continue to pump out LCS and its follow-on frigates starting in 2019 to do low-end missions. The submarine build-up would need to continue even as the nation begins on the next-generation of ballistic missile submarines, which are estimated to cost at least $5 billion per hull.

The Navy, he said, could also accelerate the production of the aircraft carriers to get the fleet up to 12 by the 2030s. That buildup would get the Navy from an end strength of about 330,000 sailors today to more than 380,000 in Trump’s Navy. 
As I've said before, Donald Trump does not think small. He will let the New England and Mid-Atlantic state senators from Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine try to talk him out of this.

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