Wednesday, April 18, 2012

As The World Turns: Episode 46, "Pipeline: The Theme Song"

Tonight's episode of the surprise cable television hit, the adult soap, Keystone XL: "Pipeline: The Theme Song."

Tonight the theme song for Keystone XL is introduced, because very little else happens.

Spoiler alert! 
TransCanada says it has submitted a proposal for a new route through Nebraska for the disputed Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Details of the new route were not immediately available. A spokeswoman for the State Department said officials had not received notification of a new route. 
In tonight's episode the TransCanada board of directors entertains us with "Pipeline" to divert our attention from the fact that we still don't have any more information than we did last week. The Nebraska Philharmonic sits back and listens.

Episode 45: "Under Pressure."

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