Monday, November 16, 2020

Notes From All Over -- Wall Street Edition -- November 16, 2020

Headlines from WJS. No links.

  • Moderna's vaccine 94.5% effective;

  • US stock futures jump
  • PNC to buy US arm of Spain's BBVA for $12 billion; 2nd largest bank deal since Lehman
  • Walmart retreats around globe to focus on e-commerce
  • US crop prices are rising, and China is buying (this was predicted for quite some time)
  • China economy gathers steam; setting stage for a strong end to the year -- Covid--19? What Covid-19?
  • Space X launches four astronauts into orbit
  • US exporters running out of containers -- wow!
  • Saudi Aramco planning US-dollar bond to plug funding gap (link here)
  • Covid-19 cases surging across fly-over country -- looks like "seasonal flu" map as winter sets in
    • "seasonal flu" no longer an issue
    • all "flu cases" and orthopedic injuries now lumped together as Covid-19
  • Dustin Johnson wins the Masters (link here); a month ago he tested positive for Covid-10
    • number one co-morbidity for Covid-19, it seems: being an athlete, or Boris Johnson
  • Tiger Woods: 10 on a par 3.

When I get back from my nap, I'll link the most recent issue of the CDC''s MMWR

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