Monday, November 16, 2020

In A Week Or So, Students Will Be Leaving Universities, Colleges For The Rest of 2020 -- Sports Commentator -- November 16, 2020

On a sports talk show it was just said that students will not be returning to their colleges or universities after the Thanksgiving break. One exception: the basketball players. The athlete-students will be coming back and the 2020 - 2021 college basketball season will be played. The commentator said there is just too much money in college basketball to give any thought to college basketball not being played this season.  

The big question, will students come back in 2021?

As Alice Cooper said, "school's out for Covid, school's out forever."

School's Out, Alice Cooper

Chinese Flu Watch

Deaths / per capita, link here, set filter to "yesterday."

North Dakota continues to rank 9th where it has been for quite some time. The state is unlikely to move any higher for awhile, if ever.

South Dakota, however, has moved from 23rd (recently) to 19th today. South Daota should have no trouble moving up the list, getting ever closer to herd immunity.

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