Monday, April 3, 2017

More Energy Growth In Coastal Texas -- April 3, 2017

I've said this many, many times: some days there is just so much information I cannot keep up. Today was another one of those days.

For now, two links sent to me by another reader.

CenterPoint Energy press release: is requesting endorsement from Texas regulators to begin huge infrastructure project in south / east Texas to support the incredibly fast-growing energy sector. The beginning of the press release:
CenterPoint Energy, Inc.'s electric utility submitted a proposal to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) requesting its endorsement for CenterPoint to enhance existing, and construct new, electric transmission infrastructure.
This project would meet the unprecedented load growth of the petrochemical industry in the Freeport, Texas area. This growth includes new committed load expected to total approximately 1,340 megawatts, which is planned to go into service at varying stages between 2017 and 2019.
The company expects to have the proposed enhancements complete by summer 2019 and the proposed new line is anticipated to be in service in 2021.
Look how fast "they" plan to move, or perhaps better said, need to move.

Based on an earlier note in the past few days, a "new committed load expected to total approximately 1,340 megawatts" could require anywhere from two to six new natural gas plants.

Also affecting the same area,  FuelFix reports that Cheniere Energy exported its 100th LNG cargo. From the article (which has been previously in this blog, more than once):
Cheniere recently completely and began operating a third LNG liquefaction unit at its Sabine Pass terminal near the Texas-Louisiana border. A fourth unit, called an LNG train, is expected to come online this fall.
In February 2016, Cheniere became the first company to ship LNG from the contiguous United States in more than 50 years. Other companies are developing LNG export projects, but they’re yet to come online.  In just more than a year, Cheniere has delivered cargoes to 18 countries on five continents.
At the Sabine Pass terminal, a fifth train is expected to be finished in 2019, while the sixth doesn’t yet have a timeline. Each train has the capacity to process 4.5 million metric tons of LNG.
Cheniere also is building a Corpus Christi LNG export terminal that’s expected to start operations in 2019. The first two Corpus trains are about 50 percent complete, while a third is the next project the company expects to announce.

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