Sunday, March 6, 2016

Random Update On New Williston High School -- March 8, 2016

My maps are usually "off" a little bit but I think this is fairly close (the landing strip at the new airport will run from the northwest to the southeast, and the airport footprint will be oriented similarly, rather than north-south as in the graphic):

For an update on the construction of the new Williston High School, see this video taken in February, 2016:

I wonder if this video was taken by a drone?

Artists' renderings of the architects plans at this site.

When I last visited Williston in early February, 2016, apparently just a day or two before the above video was shot, I heard rumors that there was already talk the school would not be "big enough" for the number of students expected to enroll. The school is on schedule to open for the 2016 - 2017 school year.

For more videos of construction in Williston from Redline Development Services:

Redline provides Surveying, Engineering, and Construction services in Williston, North Dakota and the Bakken region. Their website is "under construction."

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