Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fox Article on US Energy Policy -- or Lack Thereof

A big "thank you" for Mike alerting me to the linked article below. 

Link here.
The battle over oil shale has now landed in the halls of Congress. The Bush Administration had come out with a plan to develop oil shale leases on federal land, which includes much of the Piceance Basin. But after it was sued by environmental groups, the Obama White House put those plans on hold and has ordered a review. That prompted Wyoming Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) to recently introduce a bill that would put it back on the fast track. 
The American Energy And Western Jobs Act is now before the Senate committee on Energy and Natural Resources.
Glen Vawter has spent 40 years chasing the promise of oil shale. Can it be done this time? “I hope it can,” he says. “And you know, I believe it might be, because we have this new technology.”
The old joke around western Colorado goes like this: Oil shale is the fuel of the future…..and always will be.
Now consider this: Estonia is developing oil shale. So is Brazil, China, too. The U.S. has far more than any of those countries.

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