Monday, November 20, 2017

The Political Page, T+303 -- November 20, 2017

Keystone XL: Nebraska regulators approve 3 - 2 the "concept" that TransCanada can build the Keystone XL pipeline through their state .. but not where the company had planned. Back to square one. Even if TransCanada agrees to the new route, what's not to say that the Nebraska state supreme court won't step in and stop the whole thing? All this "excitement" that the pipeline has been approved is grossly misplaced.

It's hard to believe but I had 49 episodes of "As The World Turns" following the Keystone XL story. The 49th episode is at this link.

Another one bites the dust:

I can think of a half-dozen others that might yet be accused. Clue: think of the anchors that are not touching this story.

Kaepernick Kapers: it appears that what started as a one-man protest again "something," the NFL players protest has morphed into a protest against the NFL owners. At some point, the word "plantation" is going to enter the conversation. Again.

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