Sunday, September 15, 2019

Nominees For the 2019 Geico Rock Award

Nominees for the 2019 Geico Rock Ward
  • Angela Merkel: admits that multiculturalism efforts in Germany have utterly failed.
  • Forbes editor(s): noted in an October 3, 2019, article that Texas, North Dakota, and New Mexico were leading the US shale revolution
  • Tulsi Gabbard: one year into the Democrat race for president, and she realizes the DNC is rigging things
  • Heritage Foundation chief economist Steve Moore: folks moving from New York to Florida due to Trump's new tax law
  • Financial Times: US shale's rise means supply threats no longer have the same power to shock the market.
  • Javier Blas: the US is producing the "wrong" kind of oil 
  • Neil Ackerman: stone circles found in England are notoriously difficult to date
  • Mark Jaccard: "we are still living in a fossil-fuel-based economy"
  • IEA: US shale revolution changed global energy market
  • House of Saud: taking 5% of the global oil supply off the market might cause oil prices to rise;

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