Sunday, December 1, 2019

FracFocus Data For A Huge MRO Dietrich Well In Reunion Bay -- December 1, 2019

The well:
  • 35331, conf, MRO, Dietrich USA 11-2TFH, API: 33-061-04266, Reunion Bay, FracFocus, fracked 8/11/19 - 8/28/19; 8.3 million gallons; water by mass, 88.9%:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

Neighboring wells:

To the east, running south to north:
  • 22455, IA/1,780, MRO, Mylo Wolding 24-11H, Reunion Bay, t6/12; cum 342K 8/19; offline as of 8/19; remains off line 10/19;
Farther to the east, both running north to south:
  • 21199, IA/1,764, MRO, Lucky One 21-2THF, Reunion Bay, t6/12; cum 299K 8/19; off line as of 8/19; remains off line 10/19;
  • 21457, IA/1,829, MRO, Lucky One 21-2H, Reunion Bay, t6/12; cum 298K 6/19; off line as of 6/19; remains off line 10/19;
To the west, running south to north:
  • 25544, IA/1,468, MRO, Rudolph 44-10TFH, Reunion Bay, t10/13; cum 251K 12/18; off line as of 12/18; remains off line 10/19;
Farther west, running north to south:
  • 21369, IA/1,737, MRO, Wakelum 41-3H, Reunion Bay, t4/12; cum 342K 12/18; off line as of 12/18; remains off line 10/19;
For newbies:
  • operators are bringing costs to complete a well down to $6 million/well in the Bakken
  • 110,000 x $50 = $5.5 million


  1. I'm guessing that the cost-recovery production is somewhere north of 160,000 after taking into account lessor royalties, severance taxes and, of course, "shipping and handling". But still, I wish I could conjure up some investments where I get my money back in four months and then just ring the cash register for a number of years. I suspicion most royalty recipients get their money back in the first check.....

    1. As others have pointed out, there are a lot of expenses, deductions, etc., that affect all this, and my way of figuring things is completely wrong. I accept that; but back-of-the-envelope calculations is the only way I can put these things in perspective. I remember when I first started blogging, the cost of a well was running closer to $10 million; production didn't hit 100,000 bbls for a year or so; and, most wells were "greenfield" with all the costs associated with a new well in a brand new area with no infrastructure. So, I know a lot of folks will criticize me for my simplicity but as noted, it's only to help put things in perspective.

  2. I agree, it does put things into perspective, especially when one takes a minute to contemplate all those wells with 500K cumulative. Sorry, didn't mean to come across as so critical

    1. I didn't read anything critical.....I have a very thin skin, so if someone is too critical, I wouldn't post the comment. LOL. No, I've learned a lot from my readers. Good luck this week