Monday, May 3, 2021

"Honey, I Just Bought Eleven Seasons Of NFL Thursday Night Football" -- Jeff Bezos -- May 3, 2021

Wow, I love this blog. 

Yesterday I spent a bit of time talking about "streaming content."

It was a long note, but the two most important data points in that very, very long note:

  • Amazon has more money than God.
  • That's the problem with Apple TV. It has no content. I subscribe to Apple TV (still free. Well, almost free: one cent per month). Apple needs to do something and needs to do something this year if it wants to "save" Apple TV. Every month it waits, the gap between Apple and Amazon, and the gap between Apple and Netflix, widens. At some point the moat may be too wide for Apple to bridge. Especially if Amazon acquires the MGM catalogue.  

One has to agree there is at least one "thing" more valuable than the MGM catalogue, and Amazon just bought it.

The NFL's "Thursday Night Football" franchise is clearly more valuable than the MGM catalogue. That's arguable, of course, but ...  

... this tells me the Amazon folks still have the pulse of America. 

One source says Amazon has bought the next eleven seasons of "Thursday Night Football," starting in 2022. Another source says it's ten years beginning in 2023. Whatever.

This is the first time a streaming service will carry a full package of games exclusively. 

I'm sure I'm wrong on this but this suggests to me the "NFL Network" is struggling. 

For Apple, that moat is getting wider and wider ... and it's not good. For Apple. If Apple loses its battle with Epic, 2021 will go down as a most horrendous year for Tim Cook.

My hunch: Amazon Prime will go up in price -- but that's fine: I came for the "free shipping," but I stayed for Thursday night football. LOL.


  1. NFL Network is a train wreck and on life support

    1. I can certainly understand why. Most folks are multi-dimensional. Most people want more than just one choice on their streaming network.

  2. Off topic but Oasis bought the QEP Bakken assets from Diamondback. Little surprised CLR didn't bite.

    1. Wow, you are fast. That was just announced. I agree with you completely -- why CLR didn't buy?

      On another note: you know that I was very critical of Oasis spending a lot of money to get into the Permian when they had a "gold mine" in the Bakken.

      It certainly looks like Oasis realizes that now: $8,000 per mineral acre compared to $40,000 per Permian mineral acre.

      Huge thank you for sending me this note. I would have missed it ....

  3. Biggest mistake NFL did (lately) is creating own network. Created the thursday night game just for the network. Nobody likes it. And they struggle to even sell advert for the game.
    The network is an albatross for the league

    1. Thank you so much for this comment. It got me interested. I plan to post a stand-alone on this deal later, if I find the time, and if I stay interested. The Amazon angle, I think, is a huge story.