Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Futures -- May 24, 2017


May 25, 2017: isn't this interesting? "Oil prices drop after a weaker-than-expected cut in production from OPEC." -- CNBC.  Dow is holding its gains (futures) but WTI dropped back to around $50. OPEC agreed to extend the cuts for nine months (expected) but no change in production cuts. Analysts know that without more production cuts, the glut will remain. US shale.

Later, 10:18 p.m. Central Time: wow, Dow 30 futures up 71 points and WTI getting closer to $52. And a reminder: the Fed will raise rates in June, the third increase in seven months -- at a time when new home sales are falling through the floor. 

Original Post

After setting records today, the market looks like it is ready to continue. Futures, Dow 30, are up 30 points right now, and WTI is up to $51.69.

Hopefully, President Trump won't tweet something ridiculous overnight. But if he does, that's fine. Any market pullback is a buying opportunity.

But, seriously, this is quite amazing.

Men are from Mars; women are from Venus.

Men watch channel 43, CNBC. Women watch channel 42, MSNBC. At least in our house.

It's Still ObamaCare

Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Kansas City will pull out of ObamaCare health insurance exchanges next, a move that leaves a region in northwestern Missouri at risk of having no available marketplace plans. 

BC/BS is losing more than $100 million on ObamaCare plans through 2016.

Graduation Season

Let's see. May. The month of May. Graduation season. John Kerry and Elizabeth Warren making the commencement speeches.

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