Tuesday, December 3, 2019

And Here's The Problem With Tethered Vehicles -- December 3, 2019

Yesterday I posted this:
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EVs. After our cross-Texas trip over Thanksgiving I was again struggling to see how EVs were going to become "a thing." It's just not gonna happen. At least not in the US.
  • forty percent of the US population live in apartment complexes; charging units are expensive
  • homeowners need to install EV chargers; new homes will have them installed
  • the grid will be hard pressed to handle any surge in new EVs
  • convenience
    • ICEs: average time of stop to refill -- five minutes
    • to charge: 30 minutes, which also means that when one pulls in to charge, one will wait behind a queue of cars charging and waiting to charge
    • EVs have maps to show where charging station is, but convenience of service stations is not to be underestimated
It didn't take long. The day after posting the above, this article, photo, and video pop up. Here's a great example of what I'm talking about -- waiting to charge one's Tesla.

From: https://www.infowars.com/video-tesla-drivers-wait-up-to-an-hour-to-charge-electric-vehicles/.

From the article at the link. 
Tesla owners in California waited in long lines to charge their electric vehicles over the holiday weekend.

Footage out of Kettleman City, the location of one of the largest supercharging sites boasting up to 40 chargers, shows drivers queued up back-to-back in a line about a half mile long.

Testy drivers attempting to juice up after Black Friday sounded off on social media, claiming the wait time was anywhere from thirty minutes to well over an hour.

Another Tesla owner claimed he ran into long lines at a charging station in Buellton.
One reader had a solution:
Load a large diesel generator on a trailer and charge these idiots big bucks to charge their cars in line. 
A better solution: Teslas -- especially the new pickups -- could tow their own diesel generator on a small U-Haul trailer. 


  1. just put the generator in the back of the Tesla Pickup.. Mot of the owner will hire any construction/blue collar labor.. with 20 gallon of gas generator a Tesla would be almost a Perpetual Motion machine. don

    1. Pretty funny ... a Rube Goldberg perpetual motion machine.