Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"Asian Privilege" -- March 7, 2017

Dropping faster than Senator Schumer's credibility: the cost of an online equity trade. These trades were $9.99 "forever." Then last month, they suddenly dropped to $6.95, and now down to $4.95. Schwab is almost giving them away for free.

Now, Back to The Important Stuff

The Bakken: From Mark Perry's Carpe Diem today:
America’s Shale Revolution is Alive and Well: a) “A Fit U.S. Shale Industry Challenges OPEC Once Again,” b) “U.S. Oil Industry Becomes Refiner to World as Exports Boom,” and c) “As the Bakken heats up again, Williston prepares for more growth.”
Two of the three, if not all three, links were posted on this blog in the last couple of days.

"Asian Privilege"
Grossly Unfair

My wife is Hispanic-Japanese. Our closest friends out in Los Angeles are Chinese and Japanese. My wife graduated with an advanced degree from UCLA. Anyone who "knows" UCLA knows that the Asians are pretty much the most visible, most successful, and the second largest, if not the largest, ethnic group at UCLA. So when one talks about "white privilege," I think that one is coming from a Washington, DC / NYC / Boston perspective. "White privilege" out in California is more likely "Asian privilege." So that's what I was thinking about earlier today.

Then a reader sends me this link from Mark Perry's Carpe Diem (same link as above) with the nation's SAT math and reading scores.

There must be a gazillion things one could say about those two graphs, but all I will say right now, that at least for math, it appears it's all about "Asian privilege."

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