Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Good News: Atmospheric CO2 Drops Below 400 -- Flaring Restrictions In The Bakken Working? -- September 22, 2015

This comes as a surprise, at least to me. Press release:
Questar Corporation today announced that its subsidiary, Wexpro Company, has entered into a joint venture to develop natural gas-producing properties in western Colorado’s Piceance Basin.
Wexpro will partner with Piceance Energy, LLC, a subsidiary of Laramie Energy II, LLC, and a leader in developing low-cost drilling and completion strategies in the basin.
Wexpro expects to spend $60 million to $70 million on an 80-well drilling program targeting the Mesaverde formation. The partners will begin drilling in the Collbran Valley in Mesa County in early October 2015, and continue through early 2017.
The joint-development agreement also provides Wexpro options to acquire development rights for deeper formations and, with mutual consent, to significantly extend and expand the drilling program up to 300 wells, depending on commodity prices. 
It was probably smart of Questar to wait to make the announcement AFTER the sage grouse announcement.

$65 million / 80 wells = $850,000 / well.

For the archives. Remember, some estimate the Piceance Basin to have more than one trillion bbls OOIP.

And Another Surprise

"Happy Birthday To You" is now back in the public domain. If that link does not get you past the "paywall," google Happy Birthday' song copyright is not valid, judge rules.

Atmospheric CO2 Below 400

In April, 2015, CO2Now reported atmospheric CO2 at 403. Posted, but unfortunately no screen shot and the link is dynamic.

Apparently the NDIC flaring restrictions are making a difference. The most recent CO2 numbers being reported by the same group, CO2Now shows that atmospheric CO2 has dropped well below 400 (dynamic link):

Meanwhile record snowfalls are being reported in Siberia.

[Yes, I know there are seasonal variations with regard to atmospheric CO2. Like the monthly jobs numbers I assume CO2Now / NOAA can come up with any atmospheric CO2 number they want. When posting this, it was "the thought that counted." LOL. I was just surprised CO2Now / NOAA would publish a number below 400, considering that with a bit of massaging, it would be easy to get it above 400, the critical threshold at which the world will come to an end.]

Wow! How Many Gay Couples ARE There In Kentucky?

Rowan County, KY: population, 23,000.

Morehead, Rowan County seat: population, 7,000. 

It appears, based on the number of ABC News reports on marriage licenses coming out of Rowan County, KY, everyone over the age of 14 is getting married or remarried -- marriage licensing clerk herself has been married four times and has children from "adulterous" relations -- according to ABC News and to which the clerk agreed -- if I heard the interview correctly.

Based on population numbers it appears most in Rowan County live in the back country.

And of the "everyone over the age of 14 getting married or remarried," it appears that most of them are planning to marry someone of the same sex. Considering this is is the Bible belt, this is truly bizarre. I must be missing something.

Even more bizarrely, Rowan County, in geographical size and population, is one of the smaller counties in Kentucky. One can get a marriage license in any county in Kentucky to meet Kentucky requirements to get married anywhere in the state. Residency is not required.

I'm beginning to think that heterosexuals rush to Las Vegas when they want to get married quickly, but in Kentucky, those who want to marry someone of the same sex, they rush to Morehead, Rowan County, Kentucky.

The next obvious question, of course, is there a bakery in Morehead that bakes wedding cakes with a don't ask, don't tell policy? A google search "Morehead Kentucky wedding cakes" results in no less than four bakeries and none state a they have a "no-gay" policy. And that must be accurate. Otherwise, ABC News would be reporting on that.

Stay tuned.

Dueling Banjos, from Deliverance

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