Friday, August 10, 2012

Random Note on Whiting's Starbuck Prospect in Montana

A reader sent this in as a comment. For those folks who don't read comments [also the transcript is linked here]:
Whiting Petroleum made some interesting comments on Starbuck. It is currently shooting 3-D in the area and believes this area is not only prospective of the middle Bakken, but also the Red River. Whiting states this pay zone could be much like it is in Big Island (South of the Bakken), which would produce EURs of roughly 350 MBoe at a well cost of $3.5 million.

This is also important for companies like Triangle, Samson, Brigham, EOG and Continental to name a few. Missouri Breaks right now will produce EURs of 300 M to 400 MBoe, with the reservoir improving from west to east. Whiting has begun adding more acid to the frac, which has and should continue to improve result.
Snapshot of Whiting's prospects (accurate when originally posted; some data may have changed):
  • Sanish / Parshall Prospect: 83,011 net acres; 99 wells in 2010; 106 in 2011; EURs 450 - 950 (middle Bakken) and 400 mboe for upper Three Forks in the Sanish.
  • Lewis and Clark: 128,370 net acres; Lewis & Clark NW of Belfield; 1 rig;
  • Pronghorn: 121,403 net acres; Belfield area; TFS Exploration Drilling; Pronghorn is between Belfield and Dickinson;  5 rigs in the Pronghorn;
  • Hidden Bench: 30,036 net acres; middle Bakken, TFS;
  • Tarpon: 6,359 net acres; Watford City area; middle Bakken, TFS; Tarpon Federal 21-4H -- record IP in the Bakken
  • Starbuck: 91,497 net acres; Montana, west of Williston; Middle Bakken; [prev 88K net acres];
  • Missouri Breaks: 57,762 net acres; Montana, west of McKenzie County;
  • Cassandra: 13,794 net acres; Ray area, east of Williston; Middle Bakken;
  • Big Island: 121,673 net acres; Golden Valley County, southwest corner of ND; multiple objectives; earlier presentation 120K

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