Wednesday, October 23, 2013

EOG's 60-Stage Fracks In The Parshall Oil Field

See these links on 60-stage fracking, as far back as March, 2011:
A few days ago, EOG reported a couple of incredible wells. A reader noted the fracking:
  • 24671, 871, EOG, Van Hook 30-1113H, Parshall; Three Forks, 61 stages; 12 million lbs, sand; t6/13; cum 128K 8/13;
  • 24672, 720, EOG, Van Hook 29-1113H, Parshall, Three Forks, 55 stages; 11.8 million lbs , sand; t6/13; cum 112K 8/13;
So, for newbies, three important data points to consider about those EOG wells:
  • these are Three Forks wells, a Bakken Pool formation that EOG has just begun to target in their prolific Parshall oil field
  • the huge amount of sand the company is using
  • the number of fracks; most Bakken completions are currently 24 - 36 stage fracks (when the Bakken boom began, we were talking about single-stage fracks)

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