Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Private Payrolls Surge -- Blowing Past Estimates -- Biggest Gain Since July -- Making America Great -- May 1, 2019

Link here.
  • private payrolls grew by 275,000 last month, the biggest increase since July, when they expanded by 284,000.
  • Services-providing jobs increased by 223,000 in April, led by a gain of 59,000 jobs in professional and business services.
  • “The job market is holding firm, as businesses work hard to fill open positions,” says Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics.

No wage inflation and CPI below Fed's target. We're gonna need all those employees coming up in the "southern surge."

On payroll news:
  • S&P 500: steady at 9.5 point up, pre-market
  • Dow, irrelevant: up almost 100 points
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Bernie: resist!

Bideb: not everyone is participating.

Buttigieg: change course!

Baltimore: soaring crime, illicit drugs, and inept leaders. But other than that, things are just peachy. [One day later: the Baltimore mayor announces her decision to resign.]

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