Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Enerplus Tortoise / Turtle Pads

First the graphic:

Now the wells. These are really incredible wells. Look at their cumulative production to date, and then note they are less than four years old. Bakken wells are expected to produce oil for 30 years and during their lifetime will be fracked numerous times. Primary production from Bakken wells right now probably return in the neighborhood of 12 - 15% (over their lifetime) but Mark Papa has suggested the next shale breakthrough will be getting that primary production to 50% (previously posted).

To the west, the original tortoise and turtle pad, with a few butterflies:
  • 27591, 2,079, Enerplus, Monarch 152-94-32D-29H, Antelope, Sanish, t12/14; cum 492K 3/20; with huge bump in 7/17;
  • 27590, 1,608, Enerplus, Viceroy 152-94-32D-29H TF, Antelope, Sanish, t12/14; cum 538K 3/20; produced 50K+ in one month (2/14)
  • 27589, 171, Enerplus, Swallow Tail 152-94-32D-29H, Antelope, Sanish, t11/14; cum 506K 3/20; a huge bump 11/15;
  • 27588, 1,867, Enerplus, Snapper 152-94-33C-28H, Antelope, Sanish, t11/14; cum 478K 3/20; a huge bump 7/15; off line 7/19; remains off line 8/19; back on line 10/19 with nice bump in production;
  • 27587, 2,188, Enerplus, Softshell 152-94-33C-28H TF, Antelope, Sanish, t11/14; cum 795K 3/20;incredibly good well with multiple bumps in production; off line 6/19; remains off line 8/19; back on line 7/10 but weird production; only reporting one day but production is obviously a full month;
To the east, the second tortoise and turtle pad:
  • 35059, loc, Enerplus, TF1-LL, Ridley,
  • 35060, loc, Enerplus, TF1, Loggerhead,
  • 35061, loc, Enerplus, TF2, Aldabra, (the giant tortoiseon in the Seychelles)
  • 35062, 1,018, , Enerplus, was SI/NC-->conf, Enerplus, Leatherback 152-94-33C-28H, Antelope, t9/19; cum 160K 3/20; F; 42 stages; 10 million lbs;
  • 35063, 1,291-->conf, Enerplus, TF1, Tortoise 152-94-33C-28H-TF1, Antelope-Sanish, t9/19; cum 224K 3/20;
  • 35064, 687-->conf, Enerplus, middle Bakken, Hawksbill 152-94-33D-28H, Antelope-Sanish, (a link to the turtle), t9/19; cum 139K 3/20;
  • 35065, 520, was SI/NC-->conf, Enerplus, Map 152-94-33D-28H-TF1, Antelope, t9/19; cum 220K 3/20; F; 43 stages; 15.6 million lbs; (there is a common map turtle),
  • 35066, 372-->conf, Enerplus, middle Bakken, Painted 152-94-33D-28H, Antelope-Sanish, t9/19; cum 249K 3/20;
  • 35067, 326-->conf,, Enerplus, TF2, Box,152-94-33D-28H-TF2, Antelope-Sanish, t9/19; cum 201K 3/20;
  • 35068, 1,306-->conf, Enerplus, middle Bakken, Terrapin 152-94-33D-28H, Antelope-Sanish, t9/19; cum 208K 3/20;
The Art Page

Coincidentally, our middle granddaughter, this past weekend, at a painting workshop, chose a photograph I took of a tortoise in the Galapagos years ago when the US Air Force was studying drug smuggling in that part of the world for her first pastel. The challenge: to use certain colors to highlight an otherwise dull photograph.

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