Friday, January 4, 2013

Update On The Seaway: Expansion to 400,000 BOPD Nearly Complete

Link to Oil & Gas Journal here.

Data points:
  • Seaway Crude Oil Pipeline Co, LLC: a joint venture, Enterprise Products Partners/Enbridge
  • expansion from 150,000 bopd to 400,000 bopd almost complete
  • 500 miles long; from Cushing to Gulf Coast (a reversal)
  • the Seaway system consists of a terminal and distribution center in Texas City, TX, as well as the 500-mile long pipeline
  • plans to reach final capacity of 850,000 bopd by mid-2014
Wow: from 150K to 850K in less than a couple of years or so. More data points:
  • from Cushing/Seaway, Enbridge is increasing capacity of its Flanagan South Project, to Flanaan, IL
  • currently a 193,300 bopd Spearhead Pipeline
  • will expand to 600,000 bopd by mid-2014 also, expandable to 800,000 bopd
So, two projects relieving congestion at Cushing
  • one, expands from 150K t0 850K
  • another, expands from 190K to 800K 
And that's just part of the reason I like to follow Enbridge.

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