Saturday, July 28, 2018

Week 30: July 22, 2018 -- July 28, 2018

If I was going to spend one hour on anything today (with regard to the blog), it would be the COP earnings report.

Another incredible week, highlights --
Perhaps the biggest "post" of the week was the one regarding the spectacular MRO wells in Bailey oil field.

Reminder: a reader asked whether to "buy" or "hold." FYI only.

The Bakken

MRO's incredible DUCs in Bailey oil field;
Slawson, MRO report huge completed DUCs
MRO re-fracks in Bailey oil field
New CLR wells produces 150K BOE in thee months
The Christensen -- another phenomenal MRO re-frack
More MRO re-fracks

Bakken economy
Huge Legacy Fund deposit for July, 2018 

The US is THE global swing producer

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