Saturday, June 20, 2015

Week 24: June 14, 2015 -- June 20, 2015

The most anticipated story this past week: the Director's Cut

For newbies, perhaps the best thing to read to bring yourselves up to date is Mark Perry's two-part article on his recent (summer, 2015) visit to the Bakken. Also, World Oil had a great update.

For long time readers and experts on the Bakken, a discussion regarding all the permits that were issued this week might be interesting for tonight's cocktail parties and various sundry events. There are a lot of story lines here:
I'm still saving this article for weekend reading: economics of the EOG shale oil well. And earlier, a typical EOG 1920-acre overlapping unit.

The story was not all that great, but I loved the headline: the world has come around to the realization that the US shale barrel is the swing barrel.

Although got the story wrong, the original story on Bakken pricing is worth reading. 

Abraxas, Halcon in the Bakken
Random update on some great Whiting Flatland / Tarpon Federal wells; also here
Random look at an Antelope drilling unit that could get 16 new wells
Random update on the monster ERF well in the Sanish
Random update onf four QEP Moberg wells in the "Helis Grail"

BR's downspacing test and extended reach horizontals in Corral Creek
Where does all the Bakken oil go?
Rambling on the Bakken

A new term in the Bakken: fracklog

Random look at four flaring multi-well pads

Bakken Economy
$1.41 million for 22-acre development site in Sidney, Montana
North Dakota's Legacy Fund

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