Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NDIC Lynn Helms Responds to Bismarck Tribune's Article On Demise of Fracking in the Bakken


When the "original post" was posted, one could not find the link to the press release. Now, near the end of the day (4:14 p.m. CST), I see that NDIC has a link to its press releases. Here is the link to the press release below.

Original Post

Google the link: "Lynn Helms NDIC fracking Bakken"

In a three-paragraph press release, Lynn Helms backs off (a bit) on his concern that the Bakken will go into free fall early next year when if the EPA bans fracking.

I wonder who called him first after the story was published: KOG or CLR?

This is the "cut and paste" of the press release, dated November 28th, 2011 (contact Alison Ritter 328-8036):
The Department of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas Division says there is no reasonable basis to make a prediction on the outcome of hydraulic fracturing regulations. Division Director Lynn Helms says, "A recent news article implied an outcome prediction on my part, but I made no such prediction and have no reasonable basis to make one at this time."

Helms went on to say, "We continue to affirm our position that the state is in the best position to regulate hydraulic fracturing. While some reports try to frame this issue as EPA regulation versus no regulation, the state of North Dakota has been regulating hydraulic fracturing and is in the process of promulgating new rules to continue to strengthen the sound regulatory oversight."

North Dakota has already demonstrated that the Oil and Gas Division of the Department of Mineral Resources is best situated to closely monitor oil and gas drilling and fracturing operations to ensure they are conducted in an environmentally sound manner. The state is fully prepared to assert and defend its regulatory rights to do so.
By the way, for what it is worth, I have a solution for the entire issue, but knowing that if I can think of it, much smarter folks in Bismarck and in the oil patch have also thought of it. It boggles my mind they have not done it yet.

When those folks introduce that solution, I will link it to this post, and note the date-time stamp.

Good luck to all.

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