Sunday, April 24, 2011

Update on Hess' Stacked Laterals in Ross Oil Field -- Bakken, North Dakota, USA

Back in February, 2010, I noted that Hess would be drilling six wells on one large pad, and had requested (before the NDIC) a 2560-acre spacing unit for these six wells. Those wells have been drilled; two remain on the confidential list, but here is an update:
  • 18602, 207, Hess, RS-Nelson Farms A-156-90-2829H-1, t; cum 115K 6/12;
    18603, 154, Hess, RS-Shuhart 156-90-2726H-1, t8/10; cum 64K 6/12;
    18604, 366, Hess, RS-Nelson Farms A-156-90-2829H-2; tested 10/10;  cum 106K 6/12;
    18605, 339, Hess RS-Shuhart 156-90-2726H-2, t11/10; cum 54K 6/12;
    18606, 117, Hess RS-Nelson Farms A-156-90-2829H-3; t1/11; cum 77K 6/12;
    18607, 120, Hess, RS-Shuhart 156-90-2726H-3; tested 3/11; t3/11; cum 41K 6/12;
The IPs are low, but over time it looks like these are going to be great wells. According to the well files, the four wells off the confidential list are all stacked laterals, one Middle Bakken lateral, and one Three Forks lateral. So, it appears off one/two pads, Hess has 12 long laterals, and it looks like each stacked pair will hit 100,000 bbls in less than two years.

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