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Calendar, Bureau of Economic Analysis

DrillingEdge: link hereGrapevine High School: mustangsThe Permian: link here.

Wuhan flu. The blog Coronavirus: statistics    Seasonal flu: CDCNASCAR: drive.

SCOTUS, slip opinion, webpage.  Texas relocation trackerlink here

Automobile energy costs by state: link here.

On-line calculator: link here. Calculating an hypotenuse

February 6, 2020: did URLs change for quarterly lease sales? They keep changing the URL and the website. 

 Williston Herald: Energy Chaser.

Saudi Arabia riyal to US dollar conversion: link here

New link: powerful tool for locating rigs/wells in North America -- added December 5, 2018 -- highly recommend:

From a reader (November, 2018):
The unexpectedly high crude inventories have been telling me that [US crude oil] production has been under reported; line 13 of the weekly U.S. Petroleum Balance Sheet (unaccounted for crude) has been averaging north of 500,000 bpd for two months: 
Production + imports - exports should equal oil refined + oil stored.
My guess is that US production has been running over 12 million bopd at least a couple weeks now.

Visualizing US shale oil production:

Oil field jargon.                                               Bakken spot price.   LSS -- DAPL-Bakken proxy.

Futures expiration calendar.

Top 100 oil fields in the US, March, 2015.     GDPNow.

S&P Global Platts -- the "periodic table of oil." Third iteration here, December 10, 2020.

FracFocus.       Calculating sand weightWater gallons to pounds conversion, on-line. Or here

Legacy FundLegacy Fund financial statements.                  US import / export data.

North Dakota state budget.            Bakken daily price.    Tesla bonds.    Futures: oil contracts.

To get WTI future contract price, go to Marketwatch upper left, click on" Oil," scroll down and there are WTI contract prices for the next 12 months.


ISO New England.     ISONY.      ISO California.   ISO Price California.     ISO Australia.  

ERCOT TX.    ERCOT Hourly Loads   State Profiles

Oil: periodic table of oil -- Platts

EIA dashboards:

Rig counts, Y charts:

Google winds.
US winds.
Current national radar.
ZoomRadar; storm chasers.
Flight radar

On-line calculator.
Graphing calculator.
Inflation calculator link.

Best comparison-shopping links.

Williston airport relocation page.       ND-NGLs-Steve-Lebow.

Historical price of WTI.
Bakken: oil/well/day.  Or here: NDIC website and click on Historical monthly Bakken oil production statistics.

Understanding BOE, Motley Foolhow to convert "mcf" natural gas to barrels of equivalent oil (boe).

Bakken Resource Information: sort, search wells on the confidential listThe site appears to be back up but I couldn't access the list of wells on confidential status; everything else seemed to be there -- June 8, 2015.

Economic Calendar.

Nationwide Projects Database

Snapshot of Bakken Operators                   ND Oil & Gas Producers                        

Airlines in/out of the Basin

Twitter: best energy hashtags (John Kemp's recommendations)

Gasoline prices.

Gasoline Demand (scroll to bottom at the link)
Refiner and blender adjusted net production of finished motor gasoline (bottom of the link)
Gasoline Demand (full table)
US Gasoline Production (full table, graph)
Weekly Petroleum Report
API: weekly US crude oil inventories

BLS unemployment statistics. 

Western Dakota Energy Association (link here)

Energent Group: weekly insight reports.  

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