Friday, February 26, 2021

Comments Regarding The Blog -- February 26, 2021

A few comments regarding recent comments.

In the last few days there have been some comments regarding non-fossil fuel energy: hydrogen, wind, solar, ammonia, biofuel, etc. 

Before we get too far afield, a few reminders to readers.

First comment

  • I am inappropriately exuberant about the Bakken;
  • with regard to energy, I really don't care about anything but oil and natural gas, preferably shale;
  • articles and blogs posted on non-shale energy subjects on the blog are posted simply to keep the Bakken in perspective;
  • investing and science projects are two separate things; just 'cause folks are investing in hydrogen, e.g., doesn't mean it will succeed as a going concern;
  • folks who think EVs are "the answer" haven't thought this through;
  • bottom line: I won't live long enough to see a viable alternative to ICE's around the world; in other words, fossil fuel will still be important for decades to come;
  • more could be written but I'm sure folks can fill in the gaps;
  • most likely I will not post comments in response to this; there are way too many other sites that can carry that water, as they say;

Second comment:

  • I wish there was an "app" that tracked spelling and grammatical errors over time;
  • I started the blog in 2007, but the current blog only goes back to 2009, about twelve years of blogging;
  • in 2007 I was 56 years old; I am now almost 70 years old;
  • anecdotally, it seems Sophia -- my editor -- is catching more typographical and spelling errors now than ten years ago; if there was an "app" that tracked such things it might be a great way to track my cognitive strength (or deterioration);
  • as I stated in the long version "disclaimer" and "welcome" I prefer readers not point out minor typographical / spelling errors; there would simply be too many; however, if one spots what appears to be a major error that affects the content of the article, please let me know. 

Third comment:

  • again, this is not an investment site:
  • I really don't care how companies do one way or the other; I track them because it helps me make sense of the Bakken; I only hope companies do well to keep their employees and pay them better and better wages;
  • I do invest in companies that are in the oil business, shale and non-shale, but have no particular investing interest in the Bakken;

Fourth comment:

  • comments for this particular posting are closed;
  • I won't post comments addressed to this post;
  • comments, in general, are posted only if they move the discussion forward;
  • I generally don't post comments from "anonymous"; even if folks use fake names, that's better than "anonymous"

Fifth comment:

  • my "favorite" companies in the Bakken: CLR, Slawson, Hess, Petro-Hunt, MRO, for different reasons;
  • at one time, EOG and Oasis were two of my "favorite" companies in the Bakken; no longer;
  • "favorite": has nothing to do with investment reasons but for helping me understand the Bakken;

Sixth comment:

  • it's a fool's errand to predict the price of oil going forward;

Seventh comment:

  • it's obvious we can drill our way to lower gasoline prices

Eighth comment:

  • I spoke about this a decade ago, and I'm not going to go through it again, but manmade global warming is a scam; in fact, the whole concept of global warming is probably a scam, but if there is global warming it's not caused by man;

Ninth comment:

  • I will quit now but may add more later.
  • if you want to understand my "moral compass," watch "The Andy Griffith Show" on a regular basis.


  1. i prefer Archie Bunker to watch,but if Andy was the countries Moral compass we would be back in 1955 .. don

    1. I can think of worse things than being back in 1955.

  2. Original post and first reply..... Well said!