Thursday, May 30, 2019

North Dakota Board To Hear Case On Extension Of Leases, Update #2 -- May 30, 2019

See this post for background (and at that post, another link to the original story). So this is the third post on this issue, the second update.

A reader writes that a lot of the "delay" is due to the BLM. This reader, a credible correspondent suggests:
About ½ of the land in the area, part of the old Figure “4” ranch, is Federal Minerals, controlled by the BLM.
About 2007, (12 yrs ago) some “official” said “we need a study,” which has never been done, supposed to have been funded in 2018.   All “bovine-droppings”!
Because of this, the BLM will not put the O&G Leases up for lease, sooooo that has tied the hands of all parties involved.    Sad!  That’s why there are so many un-Drilled Sections here.
"Bovine-droppings." The reader was being tactful.

If you go back and look at the graphics at the linked post above, look at how little has been drilled in this area (to which the reader alludes). This reader's note explains a lot. Folks over at oilprice and elsewhere talk about "stranded assets" due to climate change concerns decades from now. Something tells me the BLM and other regulatory agencies are a bigger nuisance / factor when it comes to "stranded assets" than climate change issues fifty years from now.


So many good scenes in this movie. Yes, I know I just posted this clip, but I "feel the need" to post it again. So many good lines. Such a great scene.

On another note:

My primary aircraft for many years in the USAF: the F-15D, a two-seater, for training and upgrades.

These are F-15C's - single-seat F-15s probably out of RAF Lakenheath, England.


  1. Just unitize it into a bigger block and tell the Feds to pack sand and deal with whatever payments are agreed on for the unit, like any holdout minerals owner. Oh...and flare the gas like crazy too. It's their own fault.

    1. If nothing else, that will get their attention.