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From The EOG 2Q15 Conference Call -- August 7, 2015


August 6, 2016: I can't recall if I've posted this link before. With regard to #30286, from Bakken Magazine:
Bill Thomas, chairman and CEO of the independent oil and gas producer, explained how the company has drilled and completed the best Bakken well in the history of the play.
Using its high-intensity design, EOG drilled and completed a well—Riverview #102-32H—in its Antelope field area that produced 200,000 barrels of oil in its first 91 days for an average daily production total of roughly 2,200 bopd.
Although the well is still on confidential status, Thomas said the well’s results are “definitely repeatable.” The horizontal was drilled at only 4,600 feet, only half of the typical length for most Williston Basin wells.
The process used is similar to that of EOG’s Eagle Ford approach to completing wells. Instead of the 540 fracture events per 1,000 foot of lateral EOG accomplished in 2010 wells, its 2015 wells are completed with 4,030 fracture events per 1,000 feet.
According to Thomas, the new approach generates 8 to 10 times the number of fractures within 1,000 feet when compared to the old method. Containing fracture events closer to the wellbore is crucial for EOG.
EOG now works to keep fractures within 200 to 300 feet of the well bore.
“It allows us to downspace and drill wells closer and closer together,” he said. In addition to wellbore proximity for fractures, the drilling teams are working to keep the bit within a 20 to 30 foot window instead of the traditionally accepted 100 to 150 foot drilling window.
January 2, 2015: production updated --
  • 30286, 1,974, EOG, Riverview 102-32H, Antelope-Sanish, s3/16/15; TD 3/20/15; MD 15,564', TVD 10,523'; short lateral, 23 stages, 12.8 million lbs, 320-acre spacing, W/2 sect 29-152-94, t6/15; cum 670K 12/20;
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare
From a sundry form: EOG is selling this crude oil to Shell Trading (US) Company at the lease. Shell will use Prairie Field Service as the crude transporter. Effective October 1, 2015.

From a sundry form: EOG is selling this crude oil to Enterprise at the lease. Enterprise will use Big Lease Trucking to transport the crude. Effective November 1, 2015.

There was vegetation fire in the area; well was shut in during a few days in August, 2015.
From a sundry form: "In order to increase frac volumes, EOG respectfully requests authorization to increase the hole size and lay 5 1/2" liner as described in the Preferred Option.
September 21, 2015: the other well on the 2-well pad with #30286:
  • 19247, 1,692, EOG, Riverview 01-32H, Antelope, off-line much of 2015, short lateral, 320-acre spacing; 15 stages, 9.2 million lbs; t11/10; cum 305K 12/20; off line for fifteen days, 4/20;
September 18, 2015: I'm going to quit blogging! I have seen something so incredible, I cannot even get my hands around it as they say. This is so incredible. I thought I was overly exuberant about the Bakken, but I have been overly conservative. A reader brought this to my attention. This well is still on confidential status but look at the production in the first full month (for newbies, a well that produced 50,000 bbls in the first year back in 2007 was considered a good Bakken well. This well produced almost 100,000 bbls in the first month -- okay, a little hyperbole but 87,531 bbls of oil in the first full month of production.
  • 30286, see above, EOG, Riverview 103-32H, Antelope, s3/16/15; TD 3/20/15; short lateral, t-pending; cum -- 
DateOil RunsMCF Sold

Note: this was a short lateral. I don't agree completely, but some folks feel that, all things being equal, a long lateral (two sections) should double the production of a short lateral (one section), which this one was. If so, this would have produced in excess of 150,000 bbls the first full month.

But I'm kidding. I will keep blogging. But it seems I've been way too conservative in my estimates of what the Bakken can do. I hope the roughnecks and frackers were rewarded for this incredible well. The well is still on confidential list so we don't know the completion history.

Original Post

From EOG's 2Q15 conference call
  • 30286, SI/NC-->conf -- see above, EOG, Riverview 102-32H,
    • maximum rate: 3,395 bopd
    • 6 million cfpd
    • with an average rate of 2,760 bopd for July, 2015, this short 4,300' lateral will be the highest rate ever recorded for the Bakken or Three Forks
Also at Bakken EOG calls this their best well to date

From the NDIC file, the scout ticket:

NDIC File No: 30286     API No: 33-053-06603-00-00     CTB No: 130286
Location: NWNW 32-152-94     Footages: 308 FNL 724 FWL     Latitude: 47.947861     Longitude: -102.746937
Current Operator: EOG RESOURCES, INC.
Current Well Name: RIVERVIEW 102-32H
    Field: ANTELOPE
Monthly Sales Data:
DateOil RunsMCF Sold

NOTE: in the graphic below, 30286 is still on the confidential list. We now know the horizontal runs north into section 29. The three long horizontals that run into section 29 are: #27591, #27590, and #27589. The fourth and fifth wells on that pad, #27587 and 27588, runs into 28, to the east. These five wells are Enerplus wells on the turtle/butterfly pad that I follow here

  • 30286, t6/15; cum 670K 12/20;


See this post for the Enerplus Monarch well on Enerplus' butterfly/turtle 5-well pad above, in the southeast corner of section 32:
  • 27591, 2,079, Enerplus, Monarch 152-94-32D-29H, Antelope, a huge well, 44 stages; 8.9 million lbs; about 200,000 lbs/stage; NGL unit to reduce flaring on-site; large volume deethanizer (stabilizer) on site; spud Feb 28, 2014; big rig moved on sit May 19, 2014; began lateral on May 29, 2014; TD June 12, 2014; total days, 29; total drilling hours 336 (14 days); TVD, 10,614 feet; lateral, 8,815 feet; trip gases as high as 3,400; t12/14; cum 512K 12/20;
The EOG Riverview Wells Sited In The Southwest Quadrant

While we're on this page, let's look at the legal names of the EOG wells in the southwest quadrant. The important data point in the legal name is in bold, red (these wells are on confidential; the running directions are assumptioins based on the legal name, and could be wrong):
  • 31445, PNC, EOG, Riverview 107-3229H, running north, 
  • 31447, conf, EOG, Riverview 109-3229H, running north,
  • 31448, conf, EOG, Riverview 112-3229H, running north,
  • 31449, conf, EOG, Riverview 111-3229H, running north,
  • 31450, conf, EOG, Riverview 113-3229H, running north,
  • 31451, PNC, EOG, Riverview 9-3229H, running north,
  • 31452, PNC, EOG, Riverview 10-3229H, running north,
  • 31453, PNC, EOG, Riverview 11-3229H, running north,
  • 31714, PNC, EOG, Riverview 12-3229H, running north,
  • 31444, PNC, EOG, Riverview 108-3229H, running north,
  • 31446, conf, EOG, Riverview 110-3229H, running north,
  • 31448, conf, EOG, Riverview 112-3229H, running north,
  • 31713, PNC, EOG, Riverview 120-3229H, running north,

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